Hello World!

Hello World. Any blog must start with the typical program phrase that they usually propose during the first lesson of any programming course. Those who have surely attempted program development will have come across Hello world. Although it doesn’t represent any interesting feature within a program, showing a simple message on the screen is already a progress: having understood how to compile/run the program (or, alternatively, having understood which tutorials to follow and which not).

The same goes for this blog. I’ve been thinking for some time about how to structure it, what topics to cover and the audience I’m trying to target. Frankly, I don’t even know if anyone will read me at some point, I still wanted to try to set up a certain style and throw myself headlong into writing. As you may have guessed, the structure of the blog is very similar to the structure of any memory instance that is reserved for a process when it is started.


As a first article, I’d say it’s also perfect1 :) Enjoy your stay and have a good read!

  1. Modestly ;) ↩︎